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Taurus, Saturn and The Material Plane Coup

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The Aquarius Factor in Politics

Monday, February 15, 2016

Virgo Bernie Sanders - The Conscious Candidate

Political candidates surface who embody the zeitgeist of the times.  Bernie Sanders, man of the people, is appearing at a crossroads in our political history where reality is extremely polarized.  We have exhausted our false optimism and have devolved into cynicism due to our finally waking up to hyper politics as usual. Some of us are trying to grow up and overthrow the archetype of the good/bad father and the government is the perfect protagonist (Uranus square Pluto).

As a species, humans have just crossed the threshold of 200 (1000 being enlightenment) on the David Hawkin's Scale of Consciousness and it is certain that most of the candidates fall under that scale --200 and below reveal emotional and self-preservation motives.  300 and above start to see life through a lens of compassion and understanding of the bigger picture.  

It is safe to say that the exception is Bernie Sanders who probably falls in the range of mid - high 300's.  (Another such candidate was Marianne Williamson whose message was beautiful and inclusive but could only be heard in the higher altitudes of awareness/consciousness).

Yes, he's not Mahatma Ghandi or Jesus Christ.  But if we are looking to move forward as a people (while recouping and establishing some basic foundations of human decency in the wealthiest nation in the world), Sanders is the only viable candidate.  And, astrologically, he has a chance.

Sanders, a service-oriented Virgo, is Gemini rising.  Like most of the candidates, Gemini is an active archetype in politics. (Other politicians who have a Gemini signature include Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich and the biggest self-trumpeter of all, Mr. Apprentice Boss Man).   Gemini is well-spoken, articulate, a good student and  on top of the latest trends.   Gemini on the dark side is the liar.

Yet, unlike the Donald, who can flip on a dime and is the huckster extraordinaire, Bernie's Gemini persona is one more of community and curiosity, treating everyone like a brother or sister.  He can talk to anyone, but does not suffer fools gladly.  He knows there isn't time for it as Virgo efficiency is the name of the game.

This is supported by the Sun in Virgo ruling the 3rd house of the mind - he is a man of the people and one of the underdogs.  Growing up, there would have been a wound around thinking himself special (Chiron in Leo) and rather than be the chosen one, he turned his energy into service and support of a larger goal.  Pisces Midheaven speaks to his mission to help the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised and with a South Node in Pisces, he could have been a priest, minister, martyr or healer in past lives.  Those messages could have previously been spiritual in nature without the grounding of practical ideas.  His current lifetime dharma involves creating real life solutions to longstanding class suffering (Neptune in Virgo) and the oppression of the masses.

While one criticism aimed at Sanders is his age, he belies that with a stellium of youthful planetary energies.  When considering whether someone is vital enough or not, rather than looking at their chronological age, take a look at their Mars function, which is virility and life force energy.  Bernie is a randy spring chicken in this regard with his powerful Mars in Aries!  (He and his wife probably still do have sex!). 

Moon in Aries is also quite energetic (being co-ruler of his first house) and is indicative of a  strong warrior spirit.  This is a very active and initiatory energy and with his Gemini rising, shows a man who is young at heart and mind.  And generally, Virgo (sign of the chaste and untouched) maintains its health and youth throughout their lives.

And if we are looking to elect the first woman president, Bernie is actually more female than Hillary.  First off, Virgo is a feminine sign and his Mercury in Libra shows that he seeks to find balance and cooperation in his interactions.  While the Mars/Moon Aries combination gets emotionally fired up, his ability to explain topics in a relatively civil manner (as well as the ability to work with fellow congressmen for decades), is due to this Mercury in Libra.  He does believe in truth and equality and puts a high value on justice.  Most importantly, his fourth house Sun placement makes him an honorary Cancer, the metaphorical man with breasts, who seeks to provide (basic) nurturance to everyone.

While in an honest political system, Bernie would be the true candidate to lead us out of our current quagmire of inequality and injustice, everyone's greatest resigned fear of Hillary triumphing is due to her membership in the power elite (Pluto in Capricorn).  The world is still old school adversarial in nature so she would  be guaranteed to continue the tradition of projection and power-mongering that is the patriarchy.  She would be a good rival to Putin, as her Sun straddles his Scorpio Ascendent, but that too is an old  worn-out paradigm story of "good" and "evil" and certainly nothing that interests the Millennials who will be so crucial in this election.  But this would keep the world at below level 200 and it is time for us all to ascend rather than decline.

This is definitely candidate Sanders' time with Jupiter and the North Node traveling through Virgo and conjoining HIS North Node combination.  His message of frugality, common sense, everyman, decency is reaching his audience and beyond.   (We are also half way through the US's present Saturn in Virgo cycle that suggests we tone down our spending and get real about our environment.)  

Jupiter in Virgo is a "little bit of luck" from humble sources, and Senator Sanders has amassed a multitude of contributions from average working people.   This is a time of power to the underdog, to the people and it will only be through corruption and gross manipulation that he will be knocked off his rightful place.

Jupiter is traveling in Virgo (a benefit to him) and will contact to his Sun/Cupido (purpose, constituency) on 3/9/16, the same day as a positive solar beginning eclipse on his Jupiter (luck) and nodes (destiny) and then later in early August.  An important announcement is possible on or around the Pluto station this year (9/18/16 and  9/26/16 respectively).

The Democratic National Convention, week of July 25th, shows a sense of revolutionary fervor and there will likely be an upset or unexpected twist  of some sort as it is held close to the Uranus station of odd reversals. The progressive platform should trump the Plutocracy agenda but when it comes to voting, it is 50/50 that the caucuses will lose their nerve and vote for the corporately anointed leader.   But the presence of Uranus could create the outcome we least expect --that Sanders the underdog wins against corporate sponsored Hillary.

Another positive solar eclipse will connect to Bernie's Ascendent and Nodes on 9/16/16, showing the results of previous efforts, but unfortunately because it is one his Pisces South Node, he could forcibly be pressured to back out and hand the reigns to his Wall Street rival, hence reliving the role of martyr.

On Election day (should Sanders win as the Democratic nominee), Venus will be contacting his 7th house of relationship and the public.  Venus is love, acceptance, ecumenicalism and  in the sign of Sagitarrius - the healing and acceptance of diversity.  This could be very prophetic in supporting his win - of, yes, the White House of the United Colors/Faiths of America!

What SHOULD happen vs. what will happen are two different things, however.  Astrology will point to a particular "proper" outcome, but if the players are out of integrity or corrupted, there will be a different external result.  Consciousness is the variable.  This is similar to the fact that relationship astrology shows the potential of a partnership, but cannot guarantee it's success if one or both parties are trapped in subconscious programming. Likewise, a mentally ill person will not be able to actualize his potential.  Let's just say the SYSTEM is morally disabled and hence the rightful outcome is not guaranteed.

But as hesitant as I am to push against popular "wisdom", there is definitely the chance for this true authentic character to become the next Mr. Smith.  I know this goes against the current resigned belief that Hillary will have to be the Democratic winner and hence next President.

Those of us who are spiritual have a choice.  There is no hierarchy of miracles according to the Course in Miracles.  If nothing else, the power of positive thought may create the vibration that can actually make a true change possible.  So in the time of Saturn in Sagittarius (moral truth), utilize the best weapon we have against defeatism - belief in a higher power that has the best interests of 100% percent of Americans at heart!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Horoscope February 2016 Aquarius Pisces

Thursday, January 14, 2016

David Bowie, A True Intergalactic Being

David Bowie's life and death were a class act.  He was a Capricorn Sun (aristocratic, ambitious, supreme manifestor). While born in a modest slum of London,  he still had the innate nobility, features and bearing of a chosen individual.  With a strong and productive work ethic, he transformed and established himself as a major musical icon.

The rock star's slender frame and jagged cheekbones physically speak Capricorn,  but his true projected identity and rising sign was Aquarius.  The field of the iconoclast, revolutionary and innovator as well as Bowie's bi-sexual proclivities were more firmly the expression of his Uranian ruled ascendant.

Aquarius is also the space alien, the outsider, the genius and in all these ways Bowie perfectly embodied these otherworldy qualities.  While ostensibly just fabricated characters, his continual associations with outerspace, star systems and galactic travel probably show us unconscious glimpses his real ancestral lineage.

Yet, his haunting melodies and lyrics were the result of his Capricorn Sun/Mars in the 12th house, giving him an honorary Pisces status.  Pisces is associated with dream states, hallucinatory experiences, tapping into the zeitgeist and in this way he excelled.  Bowie perfectly combined the archetype of Pisces, channeling and musicianship with hard work, Capricorn. 

Bowie's attraction to travel and mixed-media, as well as exotic women could be attributed to his Venus (love interest, attractions) in Sagittarius.  Additionally, as a Sag South Node (past life imprint), he has been an international and possibly inter-dimensional traveler, philosopher, spiritual teacher before. 

And South Node in Sagittarius might have also included past lives a cult leader.  Aided by his theatrical Moon in Leo, Bowie achieved icon status through modern means with his merging and artful manipulation of the media, fashion and film worlds.

Awareness of esoteric, sexual and creative energy is evidenced by his Jupiter in Scorpio, ruler of the south node of past lives.  He utilized this energy well throughout his career with his unparalleled ability to regenerate and create new identities.

Yet, the Jupiter in Scorpio could have been implicated in the cause of his death, reported as liver cancer.  Jupiter has a large appetite-- in Scorpio for sex and intense experiences and with Jupiter ruling the liver, it is possible that initially his health was affected by bouts of hepatitis.  Unfortunately, with Capricorn there is a strong guilt dynamic and even with his awareness, could have felt he deserved this illness on some level for past indiscretions.

Capricorn rules the Devil card which can either be interpreted as "bondage, what owns you" or positively as LIVED, a full life, understanding and indulging with a wink in the "sins of the flesh".  Capricorn Sun in the 12th house is, like Pisces, very psychic and permeable.  Additionally, any Pisces or 12th house placement may involve recreational drug use or altered states of consciousness to release oneself from external or self-imposed restrictions (Capricorn), so suffering or enervating health could be the fallout over time. 

In keeping with his Aquarius Ascendant,  his ruling planet Uranus would indicate sudden, out of the blue, unexpected events and certainly his death was a shock to everyone. (In his midpoint pictures, there was energy around trauma to his body Uranus/Ascendant starting fall 2015 - spring 2016.  Additionally, it seems as if he may have faced some unpublicized depression, low vitality or a compromised immune system in spring of  2012.)

Nowadays, with modern medicine, astrologers can't (and shouldn't) predict death.  However, a cursory look over Bowie's transits would have brought an element of concern as the heavy-hitting planets  Uranus of (chaos, accident, separation) and Pluto (destruction, razing of the shadow) would have indicated a dramatic event/situation/painful loss in his life. 

Another signal of a possible demise (in retrospect) would have been Saturn conjoining his South Node, destiny/karma.    Saturn to the Nodes does not have to mean literal death and generally does not,  but rather the ending and culmination of a cycle and certainly Bowie's valedictory album served as another chapter in the proud pinnacle of his career.   His cup runneth over in terms of prolificness and mind-soul expansion--a permanent gift to his fellow Earthlings.  Releasing his album on his birthday was the final performance piece of his life.

Pluto to his Sun and Mars over the next few years would have pointed to more devastating destruction of his body or legacy so he intuited his exit correctly.  And as all death is a suicide (meaning we choose when we are to transition from this world back to Source), Bowie had completed his great work and gracefully re-entered the higher dimensions from which he came.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bombast = The Donald, Mark of an extreme Leo Rising

While Donald Trump speaks of change, he's looking to turn the clock backward, not forward. 

As a Gemini, he is capable of speaking out of two sides of his mouth in the same way that he can change party affiliations and political views.  Uranus conjunct his Sun does suggest unpredictability and an ability to work the media.

But where he really shines (in a light of self-reflection), is with his late degree Leo rising sign, arguably the most narcissistic point in the zodiac.  In keeping with his affinity for P.T. Barnum, he's a consummate showman and purveyor of schlock, even if dipped in goldplating.

Why this year, after many other threats to run?

His progressed Sun has now landed on his 29 Leo rising ascendent, former location of Regulus (the fixed star connected with royalty and leadership).   He probably feels a sense of destiny and he is right. This is his moment to show his true colors, whether for good or ill.

To be fair, with his Mercury/Venus/Saturn in Cancer, the Donald is a patriot, albeit of the old xenophobic variety.  He DOES care about this country, but like a low-minded Cancer, he is concerned about the security of his own tribe, not those of other races or cultures. 

Cancer is also connected to childhood and in this way, Donald is the big bully on the playground--name-calling, fronting but very thin-skinned when the criticism is turned back on him.  He is pure id and when things don't go his way, he rages or sulks.

He holds scriptedness as the devil, but just because he is authentic, doesn't mean he's right or morally on target.  He's just an authentic asshole.

This is definitely Trump's moment--as evidenced by his monopoly of the headlines.    Yes, he has been a king of empire building, self-promotion, entertainment, speculation, casinos (playgrounds for adults)--all in keeping with his boastful Leo ascendent.  And transitting Jupiter and Venus (both planets of excess and self-regard) are providing him visibility and a fan base.    

But with Saturn angling his progressed Sun/Ascendent combination June through next month, he must show some true strength of character or he will fall.  

His real karma may be to embody the worst of demagoguery and hubris of the last 80 years (Regulus in Leo) of self-advancement at the cost of the earth and other human beings and if so, he's the end of an era.   

We have just begun a new 100 year cycle (Regulus and Transpluto in Virgo) where in order to succeed, one must be willing to serve the greater good with modesty and humility.  

 His only chance longterm is to embody a kinder, gentler demeanor and since pig's don't fly,  it's probably a waste of time to slap on the lipstick.

By middle of September when Saturn moves into Sagittarius and Pluto turns direct,  Trump will most likely go from being a front-running Republican candidate to a former talent show contestant with a gilded garage filled with posters, hats and false flags.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Leo--Divine, Creative Spirits

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